Talk at King’s by Professor John Flowerdew (6 June)

This event is part of our school’s Corpus research in linguistics and beyond seminar series:

Using the data-driven learning approach to facilitate research writing

Speaker: Professor John Flowerdew

Date and Time: 6 June (5-6.30pm)

Room: LG/11

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe some of the work I have been doing in the last few years in the field of data-driven learning, the use of corpus linguistics techniques to enhance language learning and use. In particular, I will focus on the application of data-driven learning for research writing. Doctoral (and even some Masters) students worldwide are coming under pressure to publish internationally, but they may face linguistic difficulties in getting their research published. Data-driven learning can offer support.

I will begin by briefly reviewing some of the literature on corpus-based approaches to language teaching and learning and will then describe a small-scale and a large-scale project I have been involved in during which half-day workshops have been delivered to over 500 PhD students from a great variety of disciplinesI will conclude by arguing that the data-driven learning approach can be an effective way to help post-graduate students learn to write for publication purposes independently.

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