L2 Pragmatics Conference

For all those interested in second language learning, an L2 Pragmatics Conference will be held in late June.

Teaching and learning L2 pragmatics:
Second language pragmatic development in the home and study abroad contexts

International Conference
28-29 June 2018 – Preston, United Kingdom

Confirmed Speakers
Professor Naoko Taguchi (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)
Professor Guofang Li (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)
Professor Gila A Schauer (Erfurt University, Germany)
Professor Dániel Kádár (University of Huddersfield, UK)
Dr Ken Fordyce (University of Edinburgh, UK)

This conference is themed towards second language pragmatic development in learning and teaching focussing on Chinese as a second language, or Chinese learners of English at home or in study abroad contexts.

Conference Enquiries
For any enquiries, please contact L2pragmaticdevelopment@gmail.com
Please visit https://uclanl2pragmatics2018.wordpress.com/ for the conference website.

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