Nick Andon

KCL ECS Headshots Oct 2017 at the  on the 25/10/2017. Photo: David Tett

My research interests include the relationship between theory and research in SLA, task-based language teaching, language teachers’ knowledge, beliefs and practices. I am currently researching the knowledge, beliefs and practices of MFL teachers in the UK. Other research interests include, teacher development and expertise, the role of materials in language teaching and learning, learner autonomy and learner strategies in language learning, focus on form within TBLT.

I love books, and books are really important for all my students.  I’ve worked hard to build up the collection of language learning and applied linguistics books in the library at Waterloo.  But as well as those, we have access to a whole other virtual library called ebook central.

I’m always searching for interesting authentic texts to design language teaching materials.  Here are a few of my favourite sources of texts:

Two really useful tools for academic writing:

  • Grammarly allows you to paste in your text and get the grammar checked.
  • The academic writing phrasebank from Manchester University offers loads of useful expressions to signpost your essays.

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