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Three websites I think are good and really useful:

AnthonyTeacher.com combines research summaries and practical advice, thereby closing the gap that can exist between research and practice. While the topics can be thought-provoking, the tone is light, and I have particularly enjoyed his contributions to the debate on the usefulness of course-books and PPP, as well as his practical tips on using activities and tools like Academic Reading Circles and Corpora. Anthony Schmidt is also the founder and contributor to Research Bites.

Hancockmacdonald.com is a website I regularly use when I’m looking for practical ideas for pronunciation or listening lessons. Created by Annie MacDonald and Mark Hancock, the blog includes articles and links to their conference talks. Their lesson materials also include interesting texts that the authors have transcribed so they can be picked up and used in class. There is also advice for teachers who want to create their own lessons using authentic recordings, as well as advice for teachers who want to use technology to create content and activities.

sandymillin.wordpress.com is a collection of blog posts, videos, articles, conference talks and links to a range of ELT materials and websites. Sandy is a teacher, trainer and academic manager, but on this website, she also plays the role of curator, sharing collections of recordings of lessons or links to teacher training materials from around the world. This makes her website a really valuable resource. 

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