Impact! Ways of Managing the Ouch Factor with Prof Celia Roberts

celia roberts

Celia Roberts will be joining us at ECS on Tuesday 27th November for a presentation and discussion on impact. More details below:

Lessons learnt from two long-term applied research projects are used to illustrate how we can engage with and influence the values and practices of institutions, and some of the frustrations we may encounter along the way. Celia will look briefly at three dimensions of applied research:

  1. The effects of how projects are initiated on their scope, on relationship building and on their relative success;
  2. On doing critical socio [and applied] linguistics in, for and with institutions;
  3. The capacities that both researchers and the academy have to build if ‘impact’ is not going to hurt. Celia will then use the two research projects, a government commissioned one and a a partnership one with a health institution to tell some stories about what what she has learnt in trying to do research makes a difference outside the university.