Let’s Chat about ELT

As academics, we put a lot of thought into how and what we teach and we like to encourage discussion among our students. Our students’ feedback always highlights that being part of a community and getting career support is  important to them. With the demands of our programmes, there isn’t always time to do this in the classroom. This blog is our attempt to maintain and enhance our community ties across our two MAs, giving our current students and alumni the opportunity to ‘meet’. We will post information relevant to your MA and English language teaching practice – e.g. job adverts, information about ELT conference and places where you can find teaching materials. We will also facilitate networking opportunities by posting, for example, short pieces from alumni followed by discussions, or short videos from guest speakers with the opportunity for you to ask questions. We hope you will benefit from it. Don’t forget to ‘Follow’ the blog (see follow button on the right) to keep yourself informed about these events and resources. Happy browsing!

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