Interactive Book Launch at University of London on March 5th, 2019

The Centre for Language, Culture and Learning and the Centre for Identities and Social Justice at Goldsmiths cordially invite you to the interactive book launch of:

“We’ve been doing it your way long enough”: Choosing the culturally relevant classroom

by Janice Baines, Carmen Tisdale and Susi Long (2018, Teachers College Press)
The book invites readers to see, hear, and feel humanizing, culturally relevant classroom practices as young children learn literacies, histories, and a critical stance through music, oral histories, and heritage lessons. Practices come to life through voices of students, families, and community members urging teachers to take action for change. The book is anchored in a commitment to anti-racist teaching and foregrounds the histories, contributions, languages, and communities of Black and Brown students as normalised in the teaching of every child.

The interactive book launch will be led by the authors with contributions from UK-based practicing teachers. Together they will reflect on how lessons shared might inspire and propel us to make culturally relevant pedagogies the norm in our classrooms.

Janice Baines and Carmen Tisdale are teachers from Columbia, South Carolina. Susi Long is a professor at the University of South Carolina.

Date: March 5

Time: 5:00- 6.30pm

Location: Top Floor, Margaret McMillan Building, Goldsmiths, University of London

You can find more information here.

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