Alumni Fest 2018: Meet Michael!

I graduated from the MA Applied Linguistics & ELT programme at King’s College London (2017-2018).Previous to studying at King’s I had a few years of experience working as a language teacher and I found the course immensely helpful in my own self-development as a teacher. This is on the one hand due to the excellent tuition provided and on the other thanks to being able to share ideas with other students. This chance to share and discuss our own experiences led to great strides in my knowledge and understanding in both linguistic theory and pedagogical approaches.

“I found the course immensely helpful in my own self-development as a teacher.”

Now I am working again and see myself approaching problems in different ways, hopefully more effectively! In my opinion, the programme makes one a better and more confident teacher, and employers recognise this as many more doors are opened for employment.

Further opportunities can also be pursued upon completing this programme. These include and are not limited to: materials development, management positions, doctoral study etc. So for those who want to progress within the field then I think that it is a great choice to study this master’s programme. Moreover, it is hugely personalisable with students being granted the choice of what modules to take, what research to undertake for their dissertation, and being able to negotiate assignment titles with course tutors.

As a final note, I really appreciated the contact with my tutor and also dissertation supervisor, both of whom were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive.

Don’t forget that you can leave any questions for Michael below this post and he’ll answer them! 

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