Other resources

You will find below resources which are relevant to English language teachers. Let us know if you would like to recommend anything (see our Prospective students/Contact page).

  • LAURA PATSKO’s ELT blog!
  • KAHOOT is a quiz platform that learners use with their phones or ipads. It is incredibly simple to set up and there are thousands of public quizzes available to use. You can also make your own. Note that this website is limited to use in classrooms with IWBs.
    Firstly, go to https://getkahoot.com/ . Set up an account (it’s free and takes about 2-5 minutes). Then, log in, search the quizzes and choose one that you would like to play with your learners. Here is a good example, a quiz about prepositions.
    Then, simply press play. Kahoot will give you a game ‘pin’. Tell your students to go to https://kahoot.it/#/ on their phones/ipads/other device
    They will enter their name, when everyone appears on the screen… You’re ready to go!
  • SHOW.ME is ‘all about the wonderful world of museums, galleries and archives. We love the objects held in their collections, the stories those objects tell and the games and films museums make. We created Show Me to help you discover, enjoy and learn about those things too’. It is a versatile website where students can find videos on many subjects.
  • NPR (national public radio) podcasts. For example, these podcasts are perfect for listening practice for intermediate and advanced learners.
  • LINGUAHOUSE is a useful site for those of us teaching Advanced and Business English students. You have to subscribe to access all the materials but there are a lot of interesting free resources with video and audio content.


King’s Resources

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